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Pediatric Clinics to be held every Wednesday from 5:00pm-7:00pm by a consultant Pediatrician Dr Alavi


All vaccines for immunization are now available at the centre.

Weighing & Height Measurement

Each baby is unique and meets growth standards or cognitive milestones at his/her own pace. The standards for growth and development are given as guidelines to detect potential problems in baby’s growth.

A baby’s weight is more important than its height. This is because it shows whether the child is digesting his/her food and absorbing nutrients properly. Height is more determined by genes.


Antenatal clinic

Well mother clinic is also being conducted and it offers the following;

  • Full antenatal check up
  • Obstretics
  • Ultrasound / Sonograpy
  • Health education
  • Preparation for delivery
  • Psychological preparation for the mother after delivery

Review by our obstetrician / gynecologist also available


It is a thrill for parents to witness a baby's milestone, whether it be the first time their baby smiles, grabs or rolls over. But what are these milestones and when do babies reach them? And how can you tell if your child is just a late bloomer or is actually delayed?

We at Seifee foundation baby clinic provide you with information and take care of your growing baby.

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